Rated Capacity
7.5KVA/ 6KW/H
Water Consumption
Carbon Cleaning Time
20minutes for one car cleaning, 40 minutes for truck/bus
single or three phase 110V/220V/380V, ( 50-60) HZ ± 10%
Suitable for engines
Gasoline or diesel engines from 1000cc to 10000cc: cars, mini van, SUV, truck, bus, heavy equipment.
engine carbon cleaning, combustion chamber, engine valves, piston, spark plug, EGR, DPF, converter, etc
Maximum gas output
Net Weight
63cm x 76cm x 90cm ( L x W x H )
8 years
30 days for refund, one year for replacement, lifetime free maintenance.
Quick Details


One model HHO6.0 carbon cleaning machine can be applied almost for all vehicles from 1000CC-10000CC

Gasoline cars, diesel cars, mini van, SUV, truck, bus, bulldozer, heavy equipment, etc

Cleaning effects of HHO6.0 engine cleaning machine

Increase pick up/mileage /horse power by 20%

Reduce fuel consumption by 15%

Reduce engine noise and vibration

Lower emissions by 72%

Save your maintenance cost for engine parts

Working principle of HHO Carbon Cleaner

  • HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine produces hydrogen gas (H2) and oxygen gas (O2), which is electrolyzed from water. H2 and O2 will be sent into engine through vacuum pipe or air intake. H2 gas will run into the surface of carbon deposit, and combine with carbon to form hydrocarbon.Hydrocarbon will make combustion with O2 when the ignition of spark plug, then, carbon deposit will be removed.

How to connect HHO6.0 machine with engines?

Gasoline cars --- connect with engine vacuum pipe

Use one bottle HHO cleaning agent, takes 20 minutes

Diesel cars --- connect with engine air filter

Use two bottles HHO cleaning agent, takes 40 minutes

1. Remove car vacuum pipe

2. Open gas output pipe nozzle

3. Connect car vacuum pipe with nozzle

4. Add cleaner agent liquid

5. Start car engine idle

6. Switch on machine

7. Put card on sense area

8. Press the button "on"

9. Press the button "start"

10. Adjust the gas output volume

11. Adjust the flow speed of cleaner agent

12. Accelerating after finish the process

Safety devices and inner structure of HHO6.0 machine

Power System

Electric power, standard safety power line, IGBT technology, convert AC to DC, Imported switch from Schneider.

Control System

Easy operation, Automatic process, Digital management.Electric power, standard safety power line.

Generator System

316L stainless steel: resistance of corrosion, wear, pitting, The thickness of steel is more than 4mm, Integrative structure.

Safety Guarantee System

10 safety parts, Double higher priority than an index of national security, The safety guarantee system is sure to make you operate without any error.

HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent

HHO carbon cleaner agent is a non-corrosive, non-flammable, entire safe liquid. It can not only enhance the carbon clean effect in the three-way catalyst and exhaust pipe but also protect the engine parts and extend engine life.

Our commitment

If the quality of the machine itself is a problem, we promise 30 days is on approval and 365 days is replaceable.

Packing and spare parts

880 x 740 x 1080mm for one hho machine


No. there is a level probe installed inside the machine to detect the HHO cleaning agent liquid.

The HHO cleaning agent is used for enhancing the cleaning effect and protect the engine parts by forming a protective layer.

Double cleaning and double benefits, so one model HHO6.0 machine can be applied almost for all vehicles with perfect cleaning effect.

20 mins for one car cleaning with one bottle HHO cleaning agent, 2 bottles for trucks or buses in 40 mins.

First our HHO6.0 machine is easy operation, fully-automated.

Second, our HHO6.0 machine is of high quality with 12 safety devices and 25 patents, with lifespan of 8 years.

Third, we have one-to-one after-sales person provide you professional online training, guide you first-time testing, and lifetime free maintenance.

Fourth, our HHO6.0 machine guarantees 30 days for refund, one year for replacement, and lifetime free maintenance/ spare parts.

Fifth, being our distributor, our technician and sales team shall visit regularly for your training or after-sales.

Every time when operate the HHO6.0 machine for engine cleaning service, you should use the unlocking electronic card. Every carton (144 bottles)of cleaning agent is equipped with one card. There are about 160 cleaning service times in the card.

By reading the card, the machine owners can read how many engine cleaning service are done with the HHO6.0 machine.

Also it’s more convenient for distributors to lease the HHO6.0 machines to local garages, and share the half the cleaning service charges.