Carbon cleaning method

traditional chemical carbon cleaning, needs disassembly by hands
Dripping cleaning
Only HHO gas
HHO gas + HHO cleaner agent
Items \ Method Traditional chemical cleaning Pure Hydrogen cleaning HHO Carbon Cleaner
Time 1~3 Hours 40~60 Mins 20 Mins
Suits For Cars Car & truck use different machine Only one model for all kinds of vehicles
Technology Traditional Chemical liquid Pure hydrogen gas Uniquie: HHO gas + HHO Cleaner Agent
Gas output No 100~600 L/H 2000 L/H
Safty No 4-6 Safty devices More than 10 safty devices
Clean effect Only clean engine + obvious effect Only clean engine + less effect Clean & protect engine + obvious effect
Profit Normal service charge Normal service charge End user, Higher service charge
Distributor: double benefits by machine and cleaner agent
Market Many competitors Many competitors Unique technology no one can copy

Vehicle emission has been a big problem for environment, more and more countries are aware of the importance of vehicle engine cleaning. The carbon cleaning methods have been improved from the traditional chemical cleaning to HHO gas machine cleaning, and then advanced to HHO gas + cleaning agent double cleaning method.

Our HHO6.0 carbon cleaner machine advantages over other competitors:

  • 1. Cleaning method. Others only use HHO gas the single cleaning method, it takes much longer cleaning time and achieve little cleaning effect especially on diesel engines or trucks. While our HHO6.0 machine uses the HHO gas together with HHO cleaning agent, Double cleaning and double benefits. So maybe use other machines you can only charge USD60 per time per cleaning, while with our HHO6.0, you can charge USD100 at least.
  • 2. Business models. Being other machine's distributor, you can only make profits by reselling machines and providing after-sales, and you shall have many similar competitors and the market is easily full. While being our HHO6.0 machine distributor, you can make double and continuous profits with HHO cleaning agent, few competitors and endless market.
  • 3. Lifetime and warranty. Our HHO6.0 machine guarantees lifetime of 8 years, and we're the only one provide 30 days for refund, one year for replacement, and lifetime free maintenance. So there is ZERO risk for choosing our HHO6.0.
  • 4. HHO brand and customer satisfaction worldwide. HHO this resounding brand is an registered brand by Kingkar. Already exported to 95 countries with 23 exclusive distributors worldwide, cooperated with over 50 motor brands, Hyundai and Kia motor also use our machine. So your clients can check HHO this famous brand and worldwide clients' feedback online.