Kingkar unique technology, since 2015. First one using HHO gas + HHO cleaner agent for double cleaning. Used for enhancing the cleaning effect, and protect the engine spare parts for forming a protective lawyer

Why should use HHO cleaning agent ?

Enhancing the carbon cleaning effect, and protect the engine spare parts by forming a protective layer.

For being distributor, you can make double and continuous profits with HHO cleaning agent.Unique technology, with few similar competitors and endless market.

Black waste can be seen discharged from the vehicle exhaust pipe. So clients can check the cleaning effect directly with their eyes.

Double cleaning and double benefits. So one model HHO6.0 machine can be applied almost for all vehicles with perfect cleaning effect, especially on diesel engines or heavy equipment.

Customers can feel big car performance difference immediately after HHO6.0 machine service. Engine gets more smoother and powerful, speed up more easily, and engine noise/vibration is reduced.

It can improve the carbon cleaning service charges in workshop or car care center. With other pure HHO machine, you may only charge USD60, but with our HHO6.0 machine double cleaning method, you can improve the service charges to USD80 at least.

68ml/bottle, Use one bottle for one car cleaning in 20 mins, two bottles for trucks/buses in 40 mins.

It's an non-flammable, non-corrosive, a totally safe liquid, both can be shipped by sea and air.

The main component: metal anti-wear agent, Used for enhancing the cleaning effect, and protect the engine spare parts for forming a protective lawyer

Equipped with MSDS and USA invention patent. Exported to 98 countries, receive 100% customer satisfaction.

Working principle for HHO cleaning agent liquid

HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent enhances cleaning effect, protects engine parts and extends the engine lifetime. The main component of HHO cleaning agent is metal anti-wear agent. Its active ion will fill in the tiny gap on the engine metal surface after heated. So it repairs metal wear surface, and reduce friction. In this way, our HHO6.0 carbon cleaner reduces the vibration and noise, improves horsepower and extends engine lifespan.

Dimension of Cleaner Agent

24 bottles/box
275 x 185 x 140mm

6 boxes/carton
144 bottles/carton

144 bottles/carton
585 x 285 x 305mm for one carton
About 13.5kg/carton