New technology, and new business for car care

Popular in car care center, workshop, garage

Mobile carbon cleaning / door to door service is a good idea for starting a new business

High return with low cost, get investment back within One month!

Cleaning one car in 20 mins, 2KW electricity + 0.27L water, The cost per time per cleaning: one bottle HHO cleaner agent The profit per time per cleaning: USD60-USD200 depends on engine capacity

HHO6.0 machine carbon cleaning service charges on different vehicles in different countries

In Australia, AUD165-320 per time per cleaning service charges

In UK, 75 pounds to 175 pounds per time per cleaning service charges

Petrol Car - Diesel Car -Motorbike - Engine Carbon Cleaning Northeast

Our Engine Carbon Clean service is suitable for any petrol or diesel engine, mobile or static, which has been tested on an extensive range of variable vehicles: from HGVs, buses, commercial, road cars and motorbikes, as well as all types of plant machinery and generators and even boats. The use of Oxy-hydrogen has been proven to substantially reduce emissions and has been tested with independent, market leading equipment used by MOT centres around the UK.


Trade and Multiple Vehicle Discounts Available / Motor Trade and Fleets

Class II (2) Motorcycle (over 200cc) £75.00
Class III (3) Three Wheeled Vehicles (Up To 460 Kg Unladen) £99.00
Class IV (4) Cars
Taxis (Up To 12 Seats)
Mini-Buses (Up To 12 Seats)
Ambulances (Up To 12 Seats)
Goods Vehicles (Up To 3,000 Kg DGW)
Motorhomes/Dual Purpose Vehicles (Up To 12 Seats)
Class V (5) Private Passenger Vehicles (Over 13 Seats)
Ambulances (Over 13 Seats)
Motorhomes/Dual Purpose Vehicles (Over 13 Seats)
Class VII (7) Goods Vehicles (3,000 Kg To 3,500 Kg DGW) £175.00
PSV Public Service Vehicle (Used for Hire or Reward, With More Than 8 Seats) £175.00
HGV Goods Vehicles over 3,500 Kg GVW and trallers over 1,020 Kg unladen weight or 3,500 Kg GVW if fitted with overrun brakes £175.00
OTHER VEHIGLES Plant Equipment
Fork Lifts
Road Rollers etc
Marine Engines *Please Check with Carbon Detox Solutions Generators (Petrol / Diesel Driven)