Other Names
Kingkar DPF6.0
DPF Cleaning
Equipment Weight
Maximum Power
Voltage (AC)
380V three-phase four-wire system
Equipment Size
1900mm x 1140mm x 2000mm
Gas Tank Capacity
Tank Pressure
Quick Details

DPF6.0 is the fast and 100% cleaning DPF machine

At present, automobile emission standards are relatively strict, so basically all diesel engines such as trucks and trucks must be installed with DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalysts), SCR (Selective Reduction Catalysts) to reduce exhaust emissions. In general, in order to regenerate a filter that continuously accumulates soot, it is necessary to burn off carbon deposits by raising the temperature of the exhaust gas at the filter inlet. However, when the equipment cannot be actively regenerated and product alarms, manual intervention is required.

Kingkar has a professional manufacturer with 19 years experience in vehicle maintenance and repair equipment. With the world's leading technology in automobile exhaust gas treatment. Request by our distributors from all over the world, in past 10 years,we have successfully researched and developed the most competitive PDF cleaning machine.

10 years technology R&D

1 Machine only in whole DPF cleaning

60 minutes cleaning one DPF

12 safety devices on machine

High pressure blower

Bluetooth Camera

Electric device

10 Micron Filter

Mobile Foma wheel

Locking Handle wheel

Air Filter

Insulation pads

Observation hatch

Insulation cover

Fixed beam

Diversion cover

Product working principle

Simply, it is water flushing and high pressure purging alternate work.

The high-pressure air in the high-pressure gas storage tank is released instantaneously. Using the top water of the air, the compressed water is generated to generate potential energy, and the blockage inside the honeycomb carrier is pushed out instantly.

  • After the circulating water is flushed, the bottom of the DPF and the honeycomb mesh are filled with water.
  • The high-pressure gas in the high-pressure air storage tank is instantly released, and the water under pressure by the high-pressure air will instantly push out the hydrogen sulfate and ammonia bicarbonate composite blockage adsorbed inside the honeycomb mesh.

This process will cycling three times( Can be set according to the DPF degree of clogging ). So that can remove all the blockage out from filter. It can reach nearly 100% cleaning efficiently.

Unique technologies - 60 minutes cleaning one DPF

Using water flushing and high-pressure air purging process alternately. So for the serious blockage of DOC/ DPF/ SCR of a diesel vehicle,it can be thoroughly cleaned and dredged.

8KG air pressure—the high-pressure air in the air tank is released instantly, and the DPF blockage is blown out by the compressed air to the working compartment.

Multifunctional work tray. All sizes of DPF can be cleaned.Easy to operate and safety, saving time and labor for an engineer.

Reasonable layout, clear at a glance, reducing after-sales work trouble.

DPF cleaner agent, Obtained the certification of the Swiss SGS International Authoritative Certification Agency, it can reach double cleaning double benefits.

Monitor the cleaning process inside the device on the mobile phone and TV screen in real-time.100% customer experience, customers trust, and like more.

Comparison – The absolute leading technology

Kingkar has —Kingkar DPF cleaning machine use hot water flashing and high pressure air purging.the unique technologies in the world

  Kingkar DPF Cleaning Machine Ultrasonics washing Chemical cleaning Heating( "Back& Air Blow" )
Feature The high-pressure air in the high-pressure gas storage tank is released instantaneously. Using the top water of the air, the compressed water is generated to generate potential energy, and the blockage inside the honeycomb carrier is pushed out instantly.
Simply, it is water flushing and high pressure purging alternate work.
Put the DPF into an ultrasonic tank whihc full of hot water. the water temperature is too high and pressure is too big for the DPF filter. The implosion of the bubbles will cause the detachment of the particulate matter from all the filter substrates. Put the chemical agent into the vehicle tank together with the fuel in order to melt the burning residuals inside the engine and to eliminate them through the exhaust pipe. Cut the DPF and put it into an oven that gradually reaches 1100-1300°F burning the carbon residuals. Then weld the DPF.
Difference 1.Can total Removal of oil residuals, PM10,cerium residuals.
2.Cleaning of different types of particulate filters and catalyst efficiently(cars and heavy goods vehicles, also SCR) of every size
3.Safety for all the filters.
4.Preservations of the noble metals of the DPF.
5.Processing water always clean because of an efficient filtration system: no need to change the water.
1.Deep cleaning of the filter cells.
2.Lower efficiency on very dirty filter(oil)and big-sized filters.
3.The dirty water in the water tank is used recycled, causing secondary pollution.
4.Risk of damaging the filter due to the vibrations generated by the ultrasonic and the implosions of the bubbles 5.High water consumption.
1.Easy and cheap
2.neffective: residuals are notactually eliminated, and more are added to those generated by the additive itself, going to block further the particulate filter
1.Removal 70% of the PM10 deposits
2.Risk of damaging the integrity of the filter because of the cutting and welding
3.Melting of the cerium with the filter walls due to the high temperature
4.Risk of thermal shock that can damage the noble metals
Cost Only 1 machine enough. Need 3 sets of machines
1,Ultrasonic tank
Additive, There is a wide range of additives; price change according to the manufacturer and to the channels of sale(from $25 to $225) need 4 machines totally.
1,Backpressure Tester
4,Aspiration Cab
Working time Cleaning time only 60 mins. 12-24hours in cleaning and drying process all period in car driving. 8-12 hours Pneumatic cleaning:90 minutes Oven-baking:from 8-48 hours

Cost and profits – Broad market and double profit

Cleaning one DPF system consume max power is 32KW.

Because the water can recirle used. so the cost can be Ignored.

Suggest clean one small DPF add 2 bottles of cleaner agent.

$Total cost = 32KW electricity +2 bottles cleaner agent cost ≈ $50

$Cleaning fee = USD400 to USD800

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Most OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) recommend cleaning DPFs at 200,000 miles. However, we suggest the following rule of thumb: AECS recommends scheduling DPF cleaning at 150,000-mile intervals, because extensive research and testing concludes that ash begins to harden in the filter cells at this point.