What if the engine has carbon deposits?

What is engine carbon deposit?

Engine carbon deposit is product of incomplete combustion of fuel and lubricating oil.

Why do the carbon cleaning service for the car?

The effects of the carbon deposit for the car

  • Reduce engine power
  • Increase fuel consumption
  • Difficult to start when the car is cold
  • Serious carbon deposits in the combustion chamber will also knock! Low-speed acceleration has a noise, causing damage to the piston and crankshaft
  • Emissions exceed the standard
  • Cold car is not easy to start: the valve is not closed tightly;
  • Unstable idling, panting, knocking: secondary combustion;
  • Weak acceleration: the compression ratio becomes smaller;
  • Excessive emissions: insufficient combustion;
  • Insufficient power and increased fuel consumption: thermal efficiency decreases;
  • Short parts life: spare parts, sensors, exhaust system in the combustion chamber;
  • Engine overheated and damaged: top piston
The effects of the carbon deposit for the car

Conclusion: Be sure to remove carbon deposits

How to solve the carbon deposit problem?

To solve the problems caused by carbon deposition, the engine must be decarbonized. Although many repair shops currently use the method of disassembling the engine for cleaning, the cleaning effect of this method is not satisfactory, not only time-consuming and laborious, but also unable to remove the gum and carbon deposits in the engine.

The HHO carbon cleaner machine is the best way to clean the car engine

HHO carbon cleaner machine uses water as a raw material to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is used as a raw material and oxygen is used to promote combustion. It is sent into the interior of the car engine through the air inlet and mixed with gasoline and air for combustion. This machine uses the catalytic characteristics, combustion characteristics, high temperature characteristics of oxyhydrogen flame, and the characteristics of oxyhydrogen flame to produce water to remove the carbon in the internal cylinders of automobile engines.

Kingkar HHO6.0 Carbon cleaner Machine cleaning effect

  1. Double cleaning of HHO gas and HHO cleaning agent(unique technology), more obvious carbon removal effect, shorter time
  2. High environmental protection, reducing exhaust emissions by 10%-30% (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons
  3. Improve engine efficiency and reduce fuel consumption
  4. Significantly improve engine output horsepower and enhance power. Significant acceleration performance
  5. Reduce engine vibration and noise,enhance driving pleasure
  6. Extend engine life and reduce the number of oil changes

What if the engine has carbon deposits? hho6.0 carbon cleaner machine can help you.

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