Some things you must know about cars

Car maintenance is very important. If the tire is deflated, the spark plug is worn, and the air filter is clogged, it will cause gasoline consumption.

1. Pay attention to check that the lack of air pressure in the tire system will increase the friction between the tire and the ground and increase fuel consumption. Therefore, the tire air pressure should be checked frequently. Different models and tires have different air pressure standards. In addition, if the tire wears severely, it will slip and increase fuel consumption. If necessary, replace the tire.

2. Pay attention to the frequent check of the brake system. Some cars will have slight drag brakes, including hand brakes, which is equivalent to increasing the load of the car when driving, which will increase fuel consumption, so regular inspections are required.

3. The load reduction statistics show that every additional load of 1 kg will increase fuel consumption by 1%, so it is necessary to minimize unused debris in the trunk.

4. Regular maintenance, replacement parts Air filters, gasoline filters, oil filters, etc. need to be replaced every 5000 kilometers or more, because air filter clogging will cause a reduction in air volume, resulting in insufficient gasoline combustion and reduced fuel efficiency. The wear of the clutch plate and clutch pressure plate, the spark plug is used for too long, and the phenomenon of increased fuel consumption will also occur, so it must be replaced regularly.

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