Know more about Carbon Deposit, why you need clean it

Although it is common to do carbon removal maintenance on engines, there are still many people who do not know what is Carbon Deposit, and how to clean it? Today we will talk about this topic!

First of all, let us first understand what is carbon deposition? When the engine speed is lower than 2,000 rpm, some deposits will be formed when the gasoline is not fully combusted, and some gasoline has not  enter the cylinder for combustion after atomization. When these substances are mixed together, a sludge-like substance is formed, These deposits have been incompletely burned inside the engine for a long time, and Carbon Deposit has formed over time.

The question is usually do you really need to do  car maintenance and repairs. While there are some minor car repairs and maintenance that don’t need to be done on the precise date recommended, but cleaning engine carbon deposits  isn’t one among them. Once you don’t  decarbonize your engine, many costly problem will occur.

6 adverse effects without Decarbonizing Your Engine:
1、Lack of Engine Power
2、Low Mileage
3、DPF Shortened Lifespan
4、Delayed and Difficult Engine Start
5、Inability to Pass Inspections
6、Turbo Shortened Lifespan

How to solve the carbon deposit problem?

 The first method is that the quality of gasoline is better. If gasoline contains more impurities, carbon deposits will also easily form.

In addition,
Aside from being able to prevent all of these costly and dangerous problems from occurring, decarbonizing the engine also comes with many additional benefits. 

Using #HHO carbon cleaner can restore engine performance, prevent wear of pricey engine parts, increase engine lifespan and make your automobile, truck or heavy-duty machinery more fuel efficient.

Know more about Carbon Deposit, why you need clean it

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