A way to clear all DPF?

As we know Euro VI post-processor is a new post-processor that connects DOC redox type/DPF soot collector/SCR selective post-processor and three post-processors with different functions in series.

Euro VI post-processor adopts a cylindrical structure in structure, and they are connected together in series with sanitary clamps.

The advantage is that it can be separated step by step, repaired or replaced separately.

According to the difference in displacement of light truck and heavy truck, the diameter and length of Euro VI post-processing will also have several specifications.

Since the post-processor of Euro VI adopts a cylindrical structure, it is necessary to invent a cleaning device, which is suitable for cleaning and unblocking the post-processor of all models.

Changsha Kingkar has taken precautions and designed a variety of cleaning equipment with different prices and different performances for the automotive repair industry.

Considering the large number of Euro 4 Euro 5 models, our cleaning equipment is also compatible with all Euro 4 Euro 5 post-processor cleaning.

Clean All Kings of DPF, DOC, SCR

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